Build your community. Build your brand.

Powered by Zimbra, the Sitecore Social Starter Kit makes adding social media engagement quick and easy.

Zimbra Community for Sitecore

Create a seamless extension of your website where customers and brand advocates can engage in a completely customizable online community to fit your particular brand attributes. Create your own branded community within the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Zimbra Community

People expect your brand to engage them in social channels, which means new opportunities to help customers discover, explore, buy from and engage with your brand online.

  • Get social: With an interactive online community and a full suite of social tools, the Sitecore Social Starter Kit makes it easy to engage.
  • Elevate your customer experience with social engagement.

Community: A social hub for deeper customer engagement

Drive conversations happening in social networks to a branded community that you own. Your community can be used as a destination for marketing campaigns, market research, customer service and education - not to mention social commerce.

  • Drive Sales: Increase buyer confidence with reviews and recommendations.
  • Gain Insight: Learn firsthand how customers are using products and services.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty: Engage your biggest fans in a space that's fun and interactive.