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Open up new opportunities with the digital marketing optimization and automation already available to you in Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform.

  • Consultative and Strategic Approach
  • UX Designed with DMS in Mind
  • CMS Developed with DMS in Mind
  • Sitecore Customer Engagement Specialization
  • First Partner with Staff DMS Certified in 2009
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Sitecore Context Marketing Strategy and Enablement

Ready to unleash the power of Sitecore Experience Marketing? Well, you’re in the right place. Roundedcube was the first agency in North America, in 2009, to have a Sitecore Certified Marketer staff member. We've been implementing the Sitecore marketing tools ever since and helping other organizations apply it in relevant ways to their business.

Sitecore DMS process

Through our Sitecore Experience Marketing Strategy and Enablement, we collaborate with your team to:

  1. Identify opportunities to best leverage Sitecore Experience Marketing to meet marketing objectives
  2. Customize the Sitecore Experience Marketing tools to reflect the processes of your organization
  3. Implement goals, analytics, campaign management, multivariate testing, personalization, profiles and more.
  4. Detail a roadmap for successfully integrating Sitecore Experience Marketing into your marketing efforts
  5. Train your marketing staff to use the Sitecore Experience Marketing tools effectively
  6. Provide ongoing management services and support to ensure success

Sitecore Experience Marketing Features

Real-Time User Data with Engagement Analytics
Empower your sales and marketing teams with real-time, granular data to clearly identify potential leads and measure value. Learn how enable your sales team, map customer behavior, and customize reports.

Marketing ROI Ensurance with Goal & Campaign Management
Define your website user goals and manage your marketing campaigns within Sitecore. As a result, measure the value of visits, goal conversions and ROI of your campaigns.

Content Optimization with Multivariate Testing
Run experiments in real-time to determine which variations of content are the most effective in producing value and goal conversions. Content authors learn how to fine-tune their message based on actual results.

Personalization with Profiles and Rules Engine
Map your business's target audiences to content profiles and personas to begin defining user behavior patterns. You'll begin to deliver personalized user experiences based on a user's behavior within the website as well as rules such as geography, search terms and more.

Email Marketing with Email Campaign Manager
Integrate your email communication to complete the online engagement cycle. Send personalized email and track results as a campaign. Personalize the user experience for subscribers. Manage your email content and web content in a single system.

Lead Generation with Web Forms for Marketers
Quickly and easily create web forms on campaign landing pages to collect relevant prospect data and leverage the data to further personalize the user experience.

Automate Your Customer Engagement Plans
Pre-define conditional communication plans to automate the process of engaging with your customers resulting in relevant, personalized messaging throughout the website and email communication.