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Maximize your investment in Sitecore Experience Platform with contextual support and interactive user guides.

Help Center for SitecoreTM is a powerful tool that allows you to create a complete website management guide directly inside Sitecore... and allow your users to get immediate access to help information while managing your website. Increase executive and content contributor "buy-in"! Reduce reliance on your development staff for content assistance! Enhance your Sitecore user training efforts! And No more hunting through documents to remember how to manage particular content!

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Learn how Help Center for Sitecore is a critical component to finishing off your Sitecore implementation and organizational on-boarding process.

Far too often, organizations take their Sitecore implementation project 90% of the way to the finish line, but don’t put ample focus on proper user training and empowerment so that the powerful platform is actually used correctly. Help Center for Sitecore facilitates that final 10% that is the difference between failure and success.