CCA Global Partners

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Leveraging the Legacy System for Company Success

The Client 

CCA Global Partners is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States with 13 distinct businesses, more than 2,700 locations producing aggregated annual sales in the billions of dollars.  CCA Global Partners is a leader in developing programs and services that help independent business owners reach a higher level of success both personally and professionally.

The Challenges 

CCA Global Partners supports the extranets that serve the members of its various businesses. Each of the businesses has its own extranet website and web apps though some share functionality rooted in the same code-base. The challenge facing CCA is ongoing maintenance of the legacy code base and fulfillment of requested enhancements the are sometimes cross-business and other times business-specific. All the while, keeping pace with web technology changes and building new web apps on the latest ASP.NET technology that still integrate well with the overall legacy systems.

The Solutions

Roundedcube has provided the day-to-day maintenance and enhancements of the various extranet websites as well as build entirely new web applications to meet the high demands of CCA's distinct businesses. To name some of the endeavors, the solutions include:
  • Rebate Claim Tracking System - A web application to allow business owners to view/update data previously only accessible via a traditional desktop software application.
  • Group Collaboration Tool - A web application that allows groups within a line of business to schedule meetings, collaborate, deliver alerts via email and fax, record notes and administer group membership.
  • Product Information Management System - A web-based PIMS that maintains accurate and timely product data on over seven million SKU numbers. The application provides secured access to CCA’s members with product data, product comparisons, ability to download product data to their store’s Point-of-Sale (POS) system, alert buyers to issues, customize various user-level views of data, and other advance search capabilities.
  • Member Discount Programs Micro-Site - A stand-alone micro-site that allows for simple content management by administrators and provides end-users the ability filter and view available discount programs for their business.
  • Redesign of Several Business Extranets - Over time, several of the 15 businesses required various degrees of redesign - completely new look and others a refreshed skin. In all cases, all legacy code and functionality was retained and updated for a consistent yet improved user experience.

The Results

As a result, CCA Global has been able to continue to get more mileage from a legacy code-base than the typical organization while keeping pace with the demands of their 13 businesses by implementing new technologies that lessen the need for day-to-day maintenance. Also, CCA Global is better positioned to make more sweeping changes when the time is right to replace the legacy system - without significantly impacting the many newer .NET applications that provide the bulk of the functionality today.