With 15 years experience in design including marketing and communications, Rich brings value from all directions. Whether it’s creating great user experiences, strategic designs, or creative consulting, he’s in the trenches day-in and day-out doing what’s needed to produce quality products.

Rich has worked in diverse settings from agencies to small start-ups to large corporations. His experience allows him to provide solutions for just about any challenge. Rich takes his work seriously, but don’t be surprised if he lightens things up with some dry humor here and there.

What I Took Away From An Event Apart Boston 2011

I seized the opportunity to attend An Event Apart in Boston this past month and had a great time. I listened to some inspiring and thought provoking presentations, met a few fellow webbies, and learned a thing or two about websites. Here is a summary of what I took away.

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Rich Durbin Rich Durbin
June 09, 2011
User Experience Design , Company News

Digital Marketing

Do Tag Clouds Have a Place in This World?

Our team recently had a healthy debate over tag clouds. It came down to this. Although they are quickly dying out, do they serve a useful purpose, at least one that makes up for their obnoxious presence? Or should they go silently into the night never to return?

March 21, 2011
Digital Marketing

Back in the Saddle, Again

So, I’m the “New Cuber” at Roundedcube. It’s been 2 months and I’m starting to find my groove. It’s late in the evening and sitting here by myself has me thinking back 13 years.

January 24, 2011
Company News, User Experience Design