Sharepoint as Your CMS? Find a CXM Platform to Replace It

As Microsoft moves Sharepoint from on-premise software to a SaaS subscription model, many companies will need to take a good look at their external Sharepoint implementations.

Sharepoint users will need to ask themselves some of the following questions: Will Microsoft continue to support Sharepoint through 2016? Is a Sharepoint upgrade even an option? Shouldn’t my business users get a say in the new direction of our web strategy?

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Paul Eason
February 24, 2015
Web Strategy , Web Development

Digital Marketing

Ongoing Web Maintenance is Critical to the Health of Your Sitecore Website

We have recently had more and more new clients reaching out to us because their websites are out of date and in critical condition. These clients are now realizing that ongoing web maintenance is crucial to keeping their website investment healthy. After various resources added plug-ins, pages, third party applications and made other modifications, they found that their website was not functioning as intended, and in some cases, it was crashing. Their once robust Sitecore implementation was operating at less than optimum performance.

February 27, 2013
Web Strategy