Testing Tools: A Look at the QA Arsenal

Testing a website is about more than just intuition. A QA resource must review and test requirement-driven features and often times perform pixel-precise measurements to confirm the site being reviewed is free of errors. This is why it is important that QA resources are properly equipped with an ever-changing array of tools to assist them in these measurements and observations. At Roundedcube, the QA Department uses a number of tools, including bug-tracking resources and browser extensions to fully ensure the quality of our products.

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Erin Hinnen Erin Hinnen
July 22, 2015
Web Development , Web Strategy

The D.E.B.S.C.I. Bug Reporting Format

As QA, we've all run across it at one time or another - a user enters a bug that is incredibly vague and leaves us clueless as to what the problem is. It's a sentence, or a fragment of a sentence, or a blank bug with the title "Page Got Broke" and an attached screenshot of a seemingly normal page (to you, at least). As a QA Resource who has interacted with outdated bug tracking systems and little guided structure on how to enter a bug, this issue can be persistent and troublesome. The time spent on back and forth between the client and resource, trying to squeeze all the information that is needed out of them could better be spent on resolving or discussing the issue with the development team as necessary.

April 09, 2015
Web Strategy, Web Development

should I use a feature carousel?

Should I Use a Carousel? A Brief Look Into Featured Content Display

Navigate to your favorite website's homepage. What do you see? A menu, some content, and most likely an image/feature carousel. Most websites have a carousel on their homepage that featured different promotions on their site. Companies want users to see as much relevant content as possible upon the initial visit to their site without taking up too much space. What most companies fail to realize is that the carousel is not a viable solution for this issue. 

November 21, 2014
User Experience Design, Web Strategy, Digital Marketing

Ensuring the Legal Quality of a Website: Testing for Rules and Regulations

Projects are complex. Between third party integration and compliance with rules and regulations, it is important for a QA resource to be aware of the latest and greatest best practices and guidelines surrounding specified project requirements. A client may request specific guidelines or compliances be put into practice for their website and it is up to the QA resource to research these guidelines and ensure that they are being followed during the alpha testing phase. So what are some commonly used regulations?

July 22, 2014
Web Strategy

How Invasive Program Settings Turned me into a Jack of all Trades

As a Quality Assurance Tester, it is nearly impossible to identify all circumstances that a client might encounter with a tested website or application. To know every combination of operating system and browser they might use is doable, but what about elements outside of our control such as third party software or custom computer settings? I sometimes find myself stuck with an issue that isn’t the fault of the code, but rather a result of a “perfect storm” environment due to pesky network or PC settings. While it may not always be the fault of the code, it is our responsibility to convince the client that the issue is either a non-issue or to provide a fix that will resolve the issue. I have experienced scenarios that fit both of these categories and each was handled in a unique way.

May 08, 2014
Web Strategy

Quality Assurance Testing for Ecommerce

Quality Assurance is a Crucial Point in the E-Commerce Process

Users interface with e-commerce systems to purchase, ship, and in some cases customize the product they are adding to their cart. Ultimately this is an important part of any company's website, as monetary transactions will be processed here. If something goes wrong, it can prove catastrophic to the company and the end user. This means that quality assurance is essential whenever an e-commerce system is updated or created. So how does one approach testing something so large?

November 21, 2013
Web Strategy

Quality Assurance is a Crucial Step in the Web Development Process

There are a number of factors to consider during a web project. We frequently discuss user experience, manageability, marketing and web content management systems, but what about quality assurance?

May 31, 2012
Web Strategy, Web Development