Sitecore User Group - April Technical Meetup - JSS and Cognitive Services

Brett Berchtold, Director Brett Berchtold
April 30, 2018

We dive into Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS), a complete SDK for JavaScript developers, and harness the power of machine learning in Sitecore with some practical use cases of Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Services

by Marco Tana, CEO of Roundedcube, Inc.

  • An Overview of Microsoft's Cognitive Services
  • Preparing to use Cognitive Services
  • A Sample Application
  • The Solution - Demo
  • Enhancing the Sample Application
  • Possible Uses

Sitecore JavaScript Services

by Jeroen de Groot, Group Manager of Avanade

  • Introduction to Headless
  • Why Headless?
  • Headless Options
  • Headless Options Comparison
  • JSS Pipeline
  • Application Modes
  • Demo
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