A Digital Strategist's Approach to Spring Cleaning your Website

Rachel Duncan
April 09, 2018
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It's that time of year again, the grass is starting to grow, the trees are getting their leaves and the flowers are blooming. Spring is when everything starts over again. It's enough to make you want to dust off your content and clean out your events calendar. Wait, what? You heard me right it's time for spring cleaning but we aren't talking about in your house. We are talking about your website.

Now is a perfect time to take a fresh look at your marketing efforts, website design, and social media campaigns. Brett Berchtold, Director of Experience Marketing and Lead Digital Strategist, recommends the following areas to look through this time of year.

Get Perspective

  • Dust off your site's business objectives, channel plans, and marketing technology stack maturity. Take a look at why the website exists, what business objectives and audiences it serves, and what the next steps are on your roadmap. If your plans are outdated, do a refresh.
  • Review your personas to ensure you're making the right content in the right context. Look at demographic and technology data from Google Analytics, Webtrends, Fullstory, Sitecore, Facebook, etc. and see if your prototype personas are what you thought they were. If not, look at making updates.
  • Validate your customer journey steps, your calls to action and message objectives - now is a great time to sit down and revisit the commerce flow on your site or campaign landing page strategy Are your calls to action working? Is the flow steps painless as a consumer?

Content, content, content.

  • A ROT Content Audit - Review your content and determine if it's redundant, outdated, and/or trivial. If so, mark it to be refreshed or removed. Ensure the content stays on-brand and is focused on your objectives at all times. You don't have a content matrix keeping it all in check?! Are you crazy?!
  • Broken Links - There are several broken link checkers out there, like XENU, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, or Integrity. Pick one. These will usually give you more than just bad links. Look at the consistent use of SEO metadata, backlinks, and site URL readability.
  • Events Calendar - Archive the old events and make sure all your new ones are present.
  • About Us Page - Make sure your hours, location, phone numbers and more are still up to date.
  • Testimonials, Recommendations, Case Studies - Maybe you've completed several projects over the Summer and have gotten rave reviews from clients. Take time to add these to your website and social channels.
  • Review your Content Backlog and keep a list of new ideas for cornerstone content, blog posts, graphics and more to use throughout the spring and summer. If you don't have an Agile Marketing discipline, take a look at it.

Don't forget the design.

  • Site Hierarchy - As your site owner, you probably know your way around your site like the back of your own hand. Grab some friends and family members, have them take a look through your site. Ask them if they were able to find what they wanted and if they ran into any pitfalls.
  • Freshen up your design - A brand new look or even some small changes in layout can create an engaging atmosphere for new customers and returning users.

Oh, and one last tidbit…

For the love of…make sure your copyright dates are correct in the footer. Ideally, this is taken care of programmatically, but if not, what are you waiting for!? It's spring! :)

Taking just a few (or all,) of the steps above can have a wonderful impact on conversion rates and overall user experience happiness.

What are your favorite items to clean up in the spring?

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