Sitecore User Group - April Technical Meetup - JSS and Cognitive Services

In the latest Sitecore User Group meetup, we dive into Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS), a complete SDK for JavaScript developers, and harness the power of machine learning in Sitecore with some practical use cases of Microsoft Cognitive Services.

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Brett Berchtold, Director Brett Berchtold
April 30, 2018

A Digital Strategist's Approach to Spring Cleaning your Website

It's spring, so now is a perfect time to do some web spring cleaning. Take a fresh look at your marketing efforts, channel strategies and content and take action to set your business up for success this year.

April 09, 2018
Context Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sitecore, User Experience Design, Web Strategy

Creating Numbered Item Versions in Sitecore

If you’ve ever had to manage or edit content for a company that needs changes on a daily or weekly basis then being able to use versions in Sitecore is a godsend. This simple tool allows you to create a massive amount of changes ahead of schedule thereby keeping you ahead of the curve.

March 28, 2018