What is Context Marketing?

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From the chapter "What is Context Marketing?" in our Sitecore Buyer's Guide

When Sitecore introduced the experience database (or xDB), they started a major pivot from content management and digital marketing to something we generally refer to as experience marketing. This introduced the idea of Context Marketing, i.e., knowing the entire context of a customer/user based on a universal profile that tracks behavior. They created an architecture and platform framework that could house and manage universal customer profiles. Previous versions of the Sitecore Experience Platform, OMS and DMS (Online and Digital Marketing Suite) allowed for personalization, but almost solely in the digital world.

This new approach enters the realm of big data. Sitecore can personalize digital experience based not only on online interactions, but real-world engagement as well (provided the data is made available and imported into the xDB). Sitecore can personalize user content based on venue and location, and present additional materials specifically related to the product sold. This means more relevant contextual marketing, improving the customer experience and driving related online sales – all from a transaction that originated offline.

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