Introducing Kentico 9

Erin Funk Erin Funk
January 05, 2016
Web Strategy , Kentico

As a Kentico Gold partner, we wanted to take a moment to explain some of the new and exciting features of Kentico 9. The latest changes are important to both marketing and IT professionals looking for CMS or CXM solutions for their organization. Kentico 9 increases the already great value of the Kentico platform by introducing enterprise best practices such as MVC support, integrated marketing automation and campaign management, and improved features for continuous deployment. Here are some of the new version’s most exciting features:

Continuous Integration

With the new Continuous Integration module and support for Source Control, Kentico developers now have the ability to move coding and data changes through different environments automatically. More details of the new module include:

  • Supports work being done by multiple developers or multiple teams using automatic Source Control synchronization.
  • Allows rollback functionality, preserving changes in the Source Control and allowing users to go back to a previous working environment at any time.
  • Provides conflict resolution, letting developers resolve any collisions that were detected and avoid overwriting each other’s work.
  • Using the new module, Kentico 9 supports Team Foundation Server, GIT Source Control, Visual Studio and more.

Integrated Campaign Management

Integrations with various marketing tools can be expensive and ineffective for the marketing team. With Kentico 9’s new Integrated Campaign Management, marketers can use Kentico to develop campaigns, create campaign assets and analyze results all within one platform. A basic CMS platform will require additional software expenditures and training for your team. With Kentico 9, your marketing and content teams benefit from the following features:

  • Improved content personalization and A/B testing
  • Reduces campaign time by combining emails, UTM link parameters, page visits and conversions within Kentico. This also allows content managers and marketers to keep campaign management and content creation separate
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Kentico’s Email Marketing, making campaign management unified and providing in-depth data
  • Create custom campaign funnels to further analyze lead generation
  • Campaigns can be sorted based on the status of draft, launched and finished, providing an easy overview of campaign standings. The Campaign overview also provides brief summaries of each effort including conversion rate and visitors

Web Farm Support

Using multiple instances can lead to missing information or un-synced data, but with Kentico 9’s Web Farm Support, content delivery is consistent to all visitors. More details of the Web Farm Support are:

  • Optimization for the cloud
  • Allows for manual or automatic set up with the UI
  • Provides health status of each environment, showing signs of inactivity and sending alerts when malfunctions are detected

MVC Support

The new feature in Kentico 9 is ASP .NET MVC (Model-View Controller) support that allows for a more semantic approach to content authoring without defining page settings. This allows developers to code separately from the content creation. More details include:

  • Using MVC Architecture, developers can create a cleaner layout, helping to speed up the process
  • The MVC and Related Pages feature allows content authors to tell developers which content should appear together
  • Developers can use MVC to develop responsive sites that load quickly
  • MVC separates the administration and the live site providing a more secure environment. Separating the deployments keeps the administration behind a server’s firewall


This new feature allows developers to create custom modules specific to their site. Developers and content authors can then package, store and reuse the module in future projects. This allows developers to develop solutions quickly and easily. More on this feature:

  • Using database objects, Modularization allows content authors an effective and easy experience when working with commonly used elements
  • Compatibility with Kentico’s Page Types, allows users to edit a page while including a module. Then when the package is exported it will contain the module data and the page type

As you can see, Kentico 9 is full of essential improvements. With its latest release, Kentico continues to present itself as a strong competitor in the mid-market to enterprise marketplace, all while keeping their price point affordable. These new features make an upgrade or new website an easy decision. If you are interested in a demo of the new Kentico 9, we’d be happy to walk you through it. Let us know your thoughts on the new Kentico 9 features in the comments below!

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