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September 01, 2016
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September is an exciting time to be a Sitecore customer and partner. Not only will Sitecore be holding their annual (minus last year) Sitecore Symposium, but the Sitecore 8.2 release is scheduled to hit the market.

Sitecore 8.2 is here! What you need to know.

This is not a groundbreaking release but it does represent Sitecore’s commitment to developing the platform with multiple goals in mind. First, they have worked hard to bridge some perceived drawbacks in the product, namely the time to market for a Sitecore build (even by an experienced partner) and also the overall adoption of the Experience Marketing piece (many have it but a disappointing number actually use it). For years the platform has boasted powerful personalization and analytics, but even relatively digitally mature customers were focused on getting their solutions and their user experience up-to-date rather than investing in the time and money to utilize and customize the marketing tools. Sitecore feels like with this release they (and their customers) are finally turning that corner.

In brief, the release offers:

  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator (installed separately) which offers a templated format for user experience that will surely help some newer or less experienced partners build towards best practices faster.
  • An Express Migration tool (installed separately) to help move clients still on 7.x versions move to the latest version more efficiently.
  • Updated Experience Editor features, personalization rules and tighter integration with Microsoft CMS (a partnership that seems to be bearing much fruit).
  • Finally, the lack of data visualization tools, seemed to leave the marketing features hamstrung. New Marketing funnels and Experience Analytics reports hope to fill that absence thereby adding value to the Experience Marketing features.

From a partner’s perspective, these are solid steps forward. From a customer’s perspective, they won’t be game changers, but they do continue to add value to the platform and for some may justify the expense of a sometimes expensive upgrade.

Five talks we are excited about seeing at the Symposium.

Sitecore in September

There’s a lot to see in New Orleans this year, especially with the breakout sections (Developer, Marketing and Business). We encourage you to take a bit from each of them, but here’s a few we plan on attending.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

We hope to catch the Sitecore Commerce Futures - Winter is Coming… with Sr. Product Manager Kerry Havas. As a leader in Sitecore eCommerce implementation, we’re excited about the continued development of the platform. Learn more >

From the Marketing track, (Way) Beyond Transactions: Commerce in Context, Nate Barad, Sitecore’s Senior Director, Product Marketing & Wayne Smith, Director, Product Management are marrying Commerce and Context Marketing into one common customer experience. Learn more >

Friday, September 16, 2016 From the Business breakout sessions, we’d suggest marketers and business leaders attend the Build Your Context Marketing Dream Team as a way of planning for the new roles you’ll need to staff for in the context marketing world. Want to use Sitecore’s experience marketing to the fullest? Make sure to hire and train the right people. Learn more >

During the 1:30 PM slot, ML in Overdrive: Get Ready for the Cognitive Shift learn about Machine Learning and how that might fundamentally change the way you process and personalize your xDB data. A rules-based engine is powerful if well managed, but how about a smart optimizer, running a/b tests and adjusting accordingly? Now that’s powerful stuff!

Friday’s closing keynote is a must-see. Sitecore invests almost 35% of their revenue in R&D so we’re really interested in hearing from Lars Nielsen Sitecore Co-Founder and CDO when he unveils some of the new functionality that Sitecore’s R&D team are working on. What could they be brewing up?

Check back here for the latest updates and news items related to the event as our own MVPs, Marco Tana and Benjamin Vidal attend. Will you be at Symposium and want to personally talk to our experts about all things related to Sitecore? RSVP to meet with Marco and Benjamin in New Orleans.

Platinum Technology Partner Coveo at the Symposium

During the Symposium Coveo, our official Sitecore search technology partner, will be presenting a series about the power of Contextual Search. For more information on those talks visit their blog.

St. Louis Sitecore User Group Meetup Scheduled for Wednesday Sept. 28th

Don’t miss our best Sitecore Meetup yet! Co-sponsored by Roundedcube and fellow St. Louis Sitecore Partners Covenant and Oakwood Systems Group this meetup is packed full of precious insights and information you won’t want to miss. Not able to attend Sitecore Symposium? We’ve got you covered. Coveo will be attending to discuss the power of Contextual Search. The full agenda for the meetup is below:

  • Coveo on Contextual Search in Sitecore
  • Sitecore 8.2 Overview
  • Sitecore Symposium Recap

The meetup is open to anyone interested in Sitecore and will be held at the Microsoft Corporation Center in Creve Coeur with lunch provided. For more details and to RSVP, visit our User Group.

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