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November 22, 2016
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Kentico has come a long way since Roundedcube first started developing on the platform in 2011. It has charged into the mid-market and enterprise space, Clouddeveloped an ecosystem of partners and loyal customers and most notably established itself as a solid challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, going up against the best of open-source and established enterprise CMS players like Sitecore and Adobe CQ.  However, a new version of Kentico, Kentico Cloud marks a major reimagining of the product and a forward-looking roadmap for the future.

The cloud offers natural outgrowth of Kentico’s Azure offering, but this product has come of age. It is based on three API-driven offerings. The first offering, Kentico Draft, is a toolset developed to aid in content creation and management, as well as workflows designed to help organize a larger content team. Kentico Deliver allows content creators and managers the ability to publish to any digital channel, deploying content through an internal CDN. The Deliver API allow for less custom development freeing up costly IT deployments and code management.  Finally, Kentico Engage accesses the cloud to allow for persona-driven marketing, analytics, and personalization. While Engage provides all the tools in a REST API for dynamic presentation, it does lack the full set of Kentico EMS capabilities.

Who is this product offering for? Companies that want an easy to use CMS, cannot afford in-house development or IT maintenance and need quick to market website solutions. Agencies looking to build a foundational architecture that can scale over time, reduce development time, and provide a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product with development and digital marketing services to their clients. Content Marketers who need to focus on their core mission and require an integrated platform for content creation and publishing and will leverage the lean personalization tools Kentico’s cloud marketing can provide.

For more information, visit Roundedcube.com/Kentico to sign up for a demo or discuss your content marketing and marketing automation needs.

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