Sharepoint as Your CMS? Find a CXM Platform to Replace It

Paul Eason
February 24, 2015
Web Strategy , Web Development

As Microsoft moves Sharepoint from on-premise software to a SaaS subscription model, many companies will need to take a good look at their external Sharepoint implementations. 

Sharepoint users will need to ask themselves some of the following questions: Will Microsoft continue ­­to support Sharepoint through 2016? Is a Sharepoint upgrade even an option? Shouldn’t my business users get a say in the new direction of our web strategy?

There are a lot of resources out there that can help roadmap your future web presence. Roundedcube can help with the process. Recently, our CMO Aaron Branson gave an informative webinar with our partner for companies in the early stages of the content experience management (CXM) platform evaluation. This is an extremely comprehensive tool to those rethinking their Sharepoint-centric strategy.

We can also can provide information on three CXM/CMS solutions, Sitecore, Kentico and Umbraco.

Sharepoint users need to follow these four steps to stay on track with their web presence:

  1. Become informed on the recent Sharepoint changes
  2. Research options including budget, resources, etc.
  3. Choose a reliable CXM/CMS
  4. Choose a reliable web partner

If your company needs help during this process, Roundedcube can discuss a migration strategy and new .Net solution for your business.

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