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April 23, 2015
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Our team at Roundedcube is constantly growing and we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to our newest Cubers! We would like to welcome Paula and RC to the St. Louis headquarters and Andrew to the Houston office. Learn more about the new team in their bios below.

Andrew Vu
Web Engineer

I was born and raised in South Vietnam. After graduating from Economic University in Saigon, I worked for a trading company as a salesman. I moved to the US in May, 2002, and I worked as cable technician for Comcast for four years. After graduating from the University of Phoenix, I worked for a nonprofit organization in Houston to help hurricane victims, but I lost my job due to the government shut down program. I found another job working for a Vietnamese television station. Currently, I am enjoying working for Roundedcube.

I was married in 2002 and am the proud father of two boys, Anthony and William. I love watching action movies such as The Bourne series. My goal is to continue to learn and work with all my effort to contribute to Roundedcube as a cuber.

Paula Simontacchi
Web Engineer

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I graduated from Webster University in St. Louis with a Computer Science Degree and I just completed my masters this past fall from Webster as well. I set out to learn development and found that the web was where I wanted to focus my efforts. I feel the web is a way to be more creative in the development world. I started with a web design internship, which led me to obtaining a full time position where I was given an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills further. I am now ready to take this to the next level, which brought me to Roundedcube.

I think most people at Roundedcube have learned that my husband Jason is a former pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals among other remarkable accomplishments… He is still working within the Cardinals organization and was promoted this season to pitching coach for the Springfield, Cardinals after spending two seasons in Peoria, IL. We have three boys Bradley (15), Nathan (13) and Landon (10 months). We also have two girls, Allie, the 100lb Golden Retriever and Jersie, the 5lb Chorkie. I am pretty much a single parent for 6 months of the year so I don’t have time for many hobbies that do not include driving boys to and from games and practices but I do like to do crafty things and party planning. I enjoy creating applique shirts for kids and dresses for my little Jersie, and somehow I get involved in every baby shower or birthday party going on within a 30 mile radius of me. I don't sit still for very long and it seems I always take on more than most people can even think about, but I like to stay busy.

RC Nelson
Senior UX Designer

I am an artist, born and raised in the swamplands of Gainesville, Florida. I’ve traveled all over the country but now I call St. Louis, Missouri my home. I was nine when I discovered I could draw. I remember in 3rd grade all the boys were drawing robots and all I wanted to do was to be apart of the fun. So I took a stab at drawing a robot. Immediately all the kids surrounded my desk. Instant recognition. I was hooked. I never experienced anything like it. Ever since that day I could never put the pencil down. Drawing opened up a world for me to be different and show my true potential. As I got older my creativity expanded beyond the paper, I wanted to hear the story. So I turned to music, Hip-Hop music to be specific. I would spend countless nights making beats and writing songs. I have been always drawn to the theatrical aspect of Hip-Hop, so I needed to perform. When I was in college I would play house parties, local bars, and eventually full-blown venues. Since 2001 I’ve put out 4 LPs, I toured across the country and on my last album an Indie label picked it up for distribution. I still do shows from time to time but now-a-days I’m more focused on building my career as a User Based Interactive Experience Designer and Information Architect. I've worked at a few different Digital Agencies in my 10-year career including Resource Interactive, Fleishman-Hillard, and Blue Diesel. Through a series of consultant opportunities in 2009 I decided to start my own small Interactive Design boutique called Schlap! Creative, which later became MattiBurns. I have spent my time pitching work, building relationships, and building an assortment of business related skills. As the Owner and Creative Director I decided to partner with an assortment of developers that work in Ruby Rails, HTML 5, IOS, Wordpress and many other Custom CMS's. Over the years I have built a diverse client portfolio ranging from P&G, AT&T, Lowes, Hobart and Warner Bros.

My dream would be to create a collection of characters and stories that this generation of kids grow up sharing someday with their children, just like I was with Peter Pan, The Mad Hatter, Huck Finn, and Captain Nemo.

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