A Digital Marketing Double Feature: CXM Platforms and Personalization Strategy

Aaron Branson
March 17, 2015
Digital Marketing , Web Strategy

I recently presented two webinars that I think go hand-in-hand for digital marketing executives - 1) CXM Platform Evaluation and Selection and 2) Web Content Personalization Strategy. The former will give you the framework to conduct a thorough evaluation of the many platforms out there while the latter helps you shape an approach to dynamic content personalization to apply to your CXM platform.

So, if you are interested, grab a popcorn and soda for this double-feature presentation.

A Digital Marketer's Guide to Platform Selection

I discuss the key factors that digital marketers face when navigating a sea of possible CXM platforms to create a short list of best-fit solutions for their business. To ensure marketers “get what they asked for” (control over the website), digital marketers must be a bit more technical when evaluating what platform will give them what they need while justifying the cost.

Make it Personal: Applying Your Dynamic Content Personalization Strategy

We’re all trying to reach customers more effectively through our websites, and now, thanks to dynamic website personalization, we can tailor the message specifically to each website visitor. This webinar will look at why a one-size-fits-all message is no longer an effective strategy for your website and how dynamic personalization opens up infinite permutations of content to manage. We’ll provide a method to the madness and show the benefits and roadblocks you’ll encounter along the way.

I admit, this was probably not the most exciting, action-packed double-feature. But as always, if this topic interests you, post a comment below or reach out to me directly!

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