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February 17, 2014
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Here at Roundedcube we are currently hiring summer interns. This year we're looking for Web Development and Web Design interns, and are ready to provide each with a gateway to their future. We supply interns with the opportunity to learn while working with certified professionals and being immersed in digital agency culture. Roundedcube encourages our interns to work with clients, offering them a look into what a career after graduation could be like. We focus on making your experience as a "Cuber" realistic, so we offer paid positions that can be honored for course credit. In recent years, Roundedcube’s internship program has resulted in four current, full time Cubers. Below you can hear from three of them and learn more about their time as an intern at Roundedcube.

Olivia De Priest | Digital Marketing Associate

To be honest, I thought after earning my BSBA I would be finished with interning and would be able to find a great, full time job in the marketing industry. I quickly realized that even with my college internships, part time jobs and extracurriculars, I was still lacking the minimum experience for most positions I was interested in. Interning the summer after graduation gave me more time to figure out what career path I wanted to take, and I was extremely fortunate because I loved my time at Roundedcube! I was able to apply the marketing skills I learned in college while developing many new skills as well. No matter the industry, every business is online (or at least they should be!), so learning the technology behind what makes all of it possible is an immeasurable skill that I'll carry with me and continue to develop throughout my career. Since starting full time, I've been able to continue learning while enhancing our corporate and client marketing efforts. I highly recommend applying for an internship with Roundedcube. As a quickly growing company with a ton of extremely talented and dedicated employees, it's a great place to work (and learn!).

Joe Woodward | Jr. Web Designer

As an intern it’s natural to be overeager to prove yourself and at first I found myself getting frustrated when I had trouble with tasks that I thought I should be able to accomplish because I wanted to impress my superiors. The main thing I learned as an intern was that I had slow down and put my ego aside if I was going to be successful. Learning takes time and nothing can be learned if you approach it with the mindset that you already know everything. I had to remind myself of this frequently during my time as an intern. No one expected me to know everything right away or come in and immediately have a huge impact. As an intern your purpose is to learn and being too eager to impress your superiors can compromise the learning process.

Erin Funk | Digital Marketing Associate

After graduating with my degree in Interactive Digital Media I was looking for any position that was relevant, as long as I wasn't working at something unrelated I would be happy. Searching in three different cities, I came across the Online Marketing Internship at Roundedcube. After accepting the position I knew it was a great fit for my degree but there were programs and processes I was unfamiliar with. I quickly learned that even though your degree and experience was supposed to prepare you, it does not. You need more time at a company to get to learn all the details and agency life. My Roundecube colleagues were the perfect mix of patient and persistent, allowing me to learn at my own pace but also pushing me to prove to myself that I knew more than I thought I did. Becoming a Cuber was easy, learning the processes was a little harder, but having that time as an intern to do it, provided a big difference when I was hired full time.

Don't let another summer pass by with no experience in your field. Prepare for your future by applying to be a Cuber today. Let us know you applied or ask questions using the hashtag #BeACuber.

Update: We are no longer accepting internship applications for Summer 2014. Please see our Careers page for our current openings! Thank you.

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