Digital Marketing Strategies for the Healthcare Industry

Aaron Branson
October 08, 2014
Digital Marketing , Web Strategy , Sitecore

The importance of digital marketing in the healthcare industry has skyrocketed; and in-house marketing teams are trying to adapt quickly from traditional media to digital media - to full Customer Experience Management (CXM). The spectrum of "digital maturity" is wide in healthcare with a tendency to lean toward the lower end of that spectrum based on what I've seen. We have been fortunate this year in that we've taken on many new clients in the healthcare vertical and are currently working through pragmatic roadmaps that will set a digital marketing vision and define clear, feasible steps that deliver results early and often.

The digital maturity model below provides you an overview of where your organization stands today and can help determine what the next appropriate steps in the roadmap should be. Give it a try and see where you fit.

Digital Maturity Model

What is CXM?

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a brand over the duration of their relationship with that brand. Customer experience management (CXM) represents the discipline, methodology and tools used to comprehensively manage a customer's cross-channel exposure, interaction and transaction with a brand.

Three CXM Strategies for Healthcare

From what we've seen, healthcare organizations in particular can benefit from focusing on these three following CXM strategies: 

Cross-Channel Experience: Deliver a connected experience across each channel of communication to engage in a conversation with your customers that flows from one channel to the next. Today, healthcare marketing frequently has each channel (web, print, social, email mobile, etc.) is in its own silo, but needs to work together to provide a consistent message.

Dynamic Personalization: Deliver a more relevant, personalized experience to each website visitor by leveraging their “digital fingerprint” and interests implied by their behavior on the website. Healthcare is unique in the variety of audience segments they must reach: consumers/providers, young/old, individuals/families, and so on. Today we have the technology to dynamically deliver the right content to the right person at the right time instead of one static experience for everyone.

360 Degree Customer View: Integrate all of that disparate marketing and customer data into one complete picture of your customer so you can provide more personal and meaningful service at each touch point – the web, social, email, call center. By having access to all your customer data in one place, you can discover new groupings of customers based on similar attributes that you'd never have imagined and drive highly targeted segmentations.

I'd like to hear from about your experience implementing these (or other) strategies.

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