What Marketers Can Learn from Media Companies

Olivia De Priest Olivia De Priest
October 14, 2013
Digital Marketing

Last week, the digital marketing team at Roundedcube had the opportunity to attend a half-day workshop on social media and content strategies presented by Social:IRL and Social Media Club of St. Louis. The workshop, How A Social Business Strategy Can Enable Better Content, Smarter Marketing And Deeper Customer Relationships, consisted of two presentations lead by Michael Brito, a social media leader and author of the new book Your Brand: The Next Media Company. Michael's presentations were followed by a great panel discussion with local social media experts: Lisa Keller from Purina brands, Eric Melin from Spiral16 and Ed Mayuga from AMM Communications.

The workshop was full of valuable insight. From digging into the problems businesses face when providing content to consumers to creating brand advocate programs, there was a lot of note-taking happening throughout the afternoon.

Michael's first presentation focused on an approach that especially caught my attention: operate your business like a media company.

Michael explained 5 ways that media companies operate and why they work:

  1. Storytelling – They tell stories, whether it be current news or industry relevant narratives.
  2. Content – They are content machines and distribute content all the time.
  3. Relevance –They provide the right content to someone, somewhere.
  4. Ubiquity – They're everywhere, dominating search and being shared daily.
  5. Agility – They move fast through workflows when generating and delivering content.

I see these five things as being relevant to any business that produces content. We've heard it before, "content is king", and this mentality really emphasizes the importance of content and the strategy surrounding it. I will definitely be keeping these in mind for Roundedcube's future content, as well as for our client projects.

What challenges does your business face with content? How can your business operate more like a media company?

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