Sitecore DMS Quick Win #3 - Measure Campaign ROI

Aaron Branson
December 20, 2013
Sitecore , Digital Marketing

In part 3 of this series, "5 Quick Wins with Sitecore DMS", I want to show you how quickly you can begin tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For context, make sure you read Part 1 which introduced Analytics, Goals and Engagement Value. Those concepts are leveraged in Campaign Management.

Measure Your Digital Marketing Campaign ROI

Essentially, Sitecore's Digital Marketing System allows you to create a "campaign" item that relates to any one of your particular marketing initiatives so you can attribute website visits, lead generation and other goals, and ultimately engagement value to that campaign effort.

The quickest and easiest way perhaps to see this in action, is to use your search engine Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords. For instance, let’s say you have a PPC campaign in which you are bidding on keywords about "widgets". You just happen to sell both gadgets and widgets, but like any right thinking business person, you realize widgets are the future and gadgets are a dying breed. ;) So, you may have a couple different campaigns promoting your widgets from different angles – time-to-market, quality, or unique features. It would be nice to be able to easily see which of the three is driving more visits, converting more goals (referring to the Goals Hierarchy in Part 1), and therefore producing higher levels of engagement with customers.

Getting Set Up

Getting started with Campaigns in DMS is simple:

Create a Campaign in the Marketing Center

Open the Marketing Center, click on Campaigns, insert a Campaign Category (i.e. Adwords), insert a Campaign (i.e. Widgets Adwords Campaign A) under the category.

Sitecore DMS Campaign

Apply Campaign ID to Your Links

Notice the field on your Campaign titled "Campaign Link". It has a query string and unique ID that was auto-generated. To allow Sitecore to identify website visitors as being a result of your campaign, you copy and paste this to the Ad in Google Adwords. Now the relationship is made so that anytime that link is clicked and therefore that query string accessed, Sitecore links the visitor to your DMS campaign!

Sitecore DMS Campaign ROI

Tracking Results

The best way to track campaign performance is over a longer period of time. Therefore, instead of using the Engagement Analytics view, the Executive Insights Dashboard has more relevant reports to compare campaigns over a longer period of time (monthly, quarterly, etc.). So, let the campaigns run...give it some time. And then when you have a large enough sample size (i.e. a month or more), open the Executive Insights Dashboard and select the First Impression > Campaigns report to see which campaigns are performing better than others. With this data of which campaigns are producing more visits, more importantly which are producing more value, you can make better decisions about investing in your campaigns.

Sitecore DMS Campaign ROI

Taking Action

What these reports will tell you is which campaigns are producing more traffic, but more importantly which are producing value. Remember, value is the score applied to your Goals. It always comes back to being Goal-Oriented and building around what you deem to be valuable engagement. A campaign may be producing traffic, but it may be of no value...bounces. See which campaigns are producing Value and aim to increase the Visits of those particular campaigns.

Stay tuned for Quick Win #4 in which we show you can "automate" your customer engagement experience by setting up an Engagement Automation Plan!

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