Ongoing Web Maintenance is Critical to the Health of Your Sitecore Website

Paul Eason
February 27, 2013
Web Strategy

We have recently had more and more new clients reaching out to us because their websites are out of date and in critical condition. These clients are now realizing that ongoing web maintenance is crucial to keeping their website investment healthy. After various resources added plug-ins, pages, third party applications and made other modifications, they found that their website was not functioning as intended, and in some cases, it was crashing. Their once robust Sitecore implementation was operating at less than optimum performance.

Outlined below are some factors to consider while you evaluate the day-to-day health and maintenance of your website and why a web maintenance plan may be beneficial for your website:

• Fixing known bugs and security issues will keep your website safe and secure

• Allows you to react more quickly to a crisis

• Spreads out maintenance cost over a long period making it easier to budget

• Controlling your upgrade schedule ensures that releases are tested and stable

• Upgrading on a regular basis keeps it current with the latest trends and technologies

• Enhances and adds new features like mobile device detection

• Simplifies user interface with improved features like Page Editor

• Avoids being stuck with no support for your obsolete version

• Retains control of your upgrade schedule ensures that releases are tested and stable

• Upgrades address/correct bugs encountered in prior versions

• Upgrades introduce improvements and new features that continually increase your efficiency

• Evolves the website for optimal usability

There are a number of ways that you can implement a web maintenance plan. Depending on the size of your company or your budget, you can hire and train an internal resource or you can hire a web maintenance team that is ready for you when you actually need support. If you choose to hire a web maintenance team, your resources should be familiar with the most up-to-date best practices and tools required to not only upgrade, but to complete enhancements, evaluations and fix any bugs. They should also keep you informed of ideas about future opportunities for your specific implementation.

Whichever route you decide to take, keeping your website maintained will keep your site running smoothly and at peak performance, so you can focus on your core business objectives and not be distracted, or worse be hindered, by your website.

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