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November 15, 2013
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As a Kentico Certified Partner, Roundedcube provides Kentico CMS implementation, customization, integration and training services. Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured Web content management system providing a complete set of features for building web sites, intranets, extranets, on-line stores and community sites on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

As a partner, our team stays up to date on Kentico CMS training and the latest product offerings by the company. Recently our complete development team participated in a three day Kentico CMS Developer Training for Kentico 7. This free training provided information on the relatively new system in five sections. Starting out, the overview section introduced the new Kentico CMS development environment and architectural overview. Next, the Document Types section refreshed our developers how to create and use document types. In the Page Templates section they experimented with page templates and their importance to the Kentico CMS. The Creating and Managing CSS Styles section taught them how Kentico CMS integrates and simplifies styling of a client website. Content Presentation allowed our team to learn how to add and manage web content through page components like web parts and widgets.

Find out what some of our developers specifically learned from their Kentico CMS training.

Brandon | Web Engineer

I had already worked with Kentico prior to the training, so admittedly this was more of a review for me. I did learn about how queries in Kentico work, which is something I've never used before. With queries I can filter content in a repeater or grid to show according to a specific criteria.

Kentico Training

Dillon | Web Engineer

I was curious as to how a document type is associated to a page template, well page templates apply to unstructured docs, while document Type applies to structured docs. So for unstructured docs, you display content thru web parts and widgets that you add/remove from the template, while for structured docs, you use a control or transformation to render the content (instead of a template)

Kentico Training

Kayla | Support Coordinator/Developer

I learned that Kentico 7 has a new feature called on-site editing. It is similar to Page editor in Sitecore however; you do not have to be logged into the CMS Desk first. For further explanation of the new product, read this excerpt from the training information: "In addition to editing page content as described in the previous section, you can also perform page editing directly through the Live site using the new, on-site editing feature in Kentico CMS v7.0. This feature is ideal for adding new content or modifying existing content, but you should still use CMS Desk whenever possible. On-site editing can be useful when you want to edit content remotely and do not have access to CMS Desk or do not want to establish VPN connectivity to your corporate network to access CMS Desk for page editing."

Kentico Training

Dakota | Web Engineer

In Kentico there are items called page templates. We originally thought a template in Kentico was similar to what a template in Sitecore is used for but we were wrong. A template in Sitecore is actually very similar to what Kentico calls a form. This is where you would define and structure a page with fields on it for the user to enter data and display on the site. For example a product page would have fields labeled product name, product id, price, and description. Then the content author would enter the data in this form. Once that step is complete they could then view this page on the site. A page template in Kentico is where you define the web part zones or widget zones, not content or fields.

kentico training

Our team gained valuable insight from their training experience and is now ready to provide our clients with the best Kentico CMS implementation, customization and integration based on the newest updates. If you are ready to start a Kentico project or just interested in hearing more, contact us.

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