Sitecore Expertise of Roundedcube Further Bolstered by Additional Developer and Marketer Certifications

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March 07, 2012
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St. Louis, MO – Roundedcube, a digital agency specializing in web content management, recently hosted Sitecore CMS Developer Foundations, Sitecore CMS Website .NET Developer, and Sitecore DMS Fundamentals for Marketers training courses in the Roundedcube headquarters. Fifteen Roundedcube employees attended the training courses and the agency now holds 20 Sitecore certifications including Sitecore Certified Administrators, Marketers, Developers and HTML Developers.

In addition to nine Sitecore Certified .NET Developers, Roundedcube’s eight Sitecore Certified Marketers in Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS 2.0) affords a cross-section of the team the comprehensive marketing fundamentals to strategize, develop and teach Sitecore’s DMS features for our clients. The following staff roles are now Sitecore Certified Marketers:

• Business Development Manager
• Web Designer
• Marketing Strategists
• Project Manager
• Solution Architect

This means every touch-point on our team has full understanding of the Engagement Analytics and Executive Dashboard features and functions of Sitecore DMS. We can assist our clients with all of their online marketing goals and analytics.

“These certifications are important to us as it shows our dedication to continuing our leadership position as a premiere Sitecore partner” says Aaron Branson, Vice President of Marketing. “We recognize the continued evolution of Sitecore from purely a CMS to a CEP [Customer Engagement Platform] so we’re particularly proud to say we have eight Certified Marketers to solidify our experience with OMS, now DMS, consultation services.”

Roundedcube has a history and reputation of being on the forefront of leveraging the Sitecore technologies for a range of organizations. Having been one of the first certified partners in North America, and given the recent boom in the partner channel, Roundedcube has more years experience than approximately 97% of Sitecore partners world-wide. Other accomplishments include Roundedcube CEO, Marco Tana, being nominated a Sitecore MVP, the company having been awarded a Sitecore Outstanding Solution for a particularly complex implementation, and also having one of the first Sitecore Certified Marketers in the world in 2009.

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