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April 09, 2012
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St. Louis, MO – Roundedcube, a digital agency specializing in web content management, recently completed a website development overhaul for Our365 ( Our365 is one of the largest professional photographers of prenatal, newborn, family & milestones and special events in the United States.

Our365 chose Roundedcube to execute the major redesign and upgrade a previous implementation of Sitecore to optimize the investment in the platform. Roundedcube upgraded and re-architected Our365 from a partial implementation of Sitecore CMS 5.3.2, which required a web developer to make all content changes, to Sitecore CMS 6.4.1 and every piece of content is managed through the content management system with full use of Sitecore’s Page Editor. Roundedcube was able to fully revamp the Sitecore architecture and enable Our365 to implement many business-facing and customer-facing enhancements.

Some of the most notable enhancements and achievements include:

  • While revamping the Sitecore architecture, Roundedcube was able to re-use and integrate some existing elements such as the Business Layer logic to communicate with SAP and e-commerce capabilities.
  • The Sitecore platform was extended to create new Customer Service Rep tools that re-use Sitecore security.
  • Sitecore was made more of a central management point by integrating capabilities to manage website advertisements driven by 24/7 Media.
  • The customer is provided with a multimedia “baby slideshow” page that allows them to customize the entire design theme, music selections, text and voice-over.
  • Given the personal and private nature of baby photographs, customized social sharing tools were developed with the Facebook Open Graph protocol to give greater control over content shared.
  • The digital communication management was rounded out with integration with their email management provider – utilizing a web service flexible enough to plug-in with other such providers.
  • The website’s video and audio capabilities were developed with HTML5 with graceful fallback to Adobe Flash for those browsers not yet supporting HTML5.


Mobile Optimization
A mobile version of the website was also introduced enabling customers to access the host of new features via their smart phones and tablets. To ensure proper user experience among customers, Roundedcube is also using a mobile device detection library that offers improved speed and accuracy over the WURFL-based Sitecore Mobile Detection module.


About Our365


Our365 and its divisions are right there with millions of moms every day. We help encourage her during her pregnancy and through beautiful photography capture those special days of anticipation, then meet her at the hospital to take her newborn’s first portrait. We are there to capture all the beautiful milestones she will experience from birth, to first birthday, to graduation and beyond.

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