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February 27, 2012
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St. Louis, MO – Roundedcube, a digital agency specializing in web content management, has finished Phase I of a two phase web project for Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC). St. Louis-based NMC, formerly Emerson Motor Company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nidec Corporation.

With the new brand identity in the works, Roundedcube was able to create an online presence that was cohesive with the organization’s new look from brochures to product packaging. The new website leverages the Sitecore CMS, which provides a single system for multi-site management allowing Nidec Motor Corporation to deploy their subsidiaries and brand web sites and provide consistency across the company.

Roundedcube was able to integrate existing .NET applications such as a distributor search, one of several legacy business applications, on the new site and incorporate site search with Lucene built into Sitecore.

Along with a new corporate website and ability to create and manage multiple subsidiary websites, Nidec Motor Corporation is in position to integrate and enhance e-commerce, mobile applications and customer portals into a single streamlined platform.

About Nidec Motor Corporation
Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) is a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and appliance motors and controls. The NMC product line features a full line of high efficiency motors, large and small, which serve Industrial, residential and commercial markets in applications ranging from water treatment, mining, oil and gas and power generation to pool and spa motors, air conditioning condensers, rooftop cooling towers and commercial refrigeration. It also makes motors, controls and switches for automotive and commercial markets. Brands include U.S. Motors®, SR Drives®, Hurst®, Rescue®, ECOTECH EZTM.

Nidec SR Drives Ltd, a Nidec subsidiary, is based at the Nidec Motor UK Technology Centre in Harrogate, UK and operated by NMC specializing in the design and development of new products using advanced brushless motors and controls with a primary focus on SR technology.

Parent company Nidec Corporation (NYSE: NJ) is the world's leading manufacturer of small precision motors, including motors used in hard disk drives and optical disk drives. The company has extended its focus beyond the information storage motor market to the home appliance and automotive markets, where it sees high future growth potential. For more information, visit

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