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Aaron Branson
June 18, 2012
Sitecore , Web Strategy

At Roundedcube, we're frequently asked to help other organizations with their existing Sitecore implementations to 1) increase executive and content contributor "buy in" and 2) also reduce reliance on the development staff for what should be content management tasks. To help do just that, we've developed a new Sitecore app - Help Center for Sitecore. 

Achieving these two aforementioned goals typically comes down to two root problems - A) problems with the implementation or B) training. Many times, its both. First, let me say that for the implementation problems, we offer a specific service called Sitecore Solution Audit/Evaluation. And for training, we offer Sitecore Customized Training. We developed Help Center for Sitecore as an added value on top of our training services. Along with Roundedcube's Sitecore training services, we had always created a customized "user manual" for our client's website. This would be delivered as a big, fat PDF. But now, that same set of resources is available right where you need it... in Sitecore in context to the content/task being done. So, no more hunting through documents to remember how to manage a particular content! And now, you can even include video and additional resources that can't be provided in a printed document.

Seamless Integration in the Sitecore User Interface - Even Page Editor

Needless to say, we're excited about the product and we have already have it running in a very large, enterprise environment for a client. While we provided Sitecore Customized Training for their core group, Help Center for Sitecore will provide contextual help information not only with text, but screenshots, videos and and links to relevant Sitecore PDF documents - giving the extended user base all the materials they need to have a more satisfactory user experience with Sitecore.

Get the Most Out of It

If you choose to use Help Center for Sitecore, another thing I recommend is to not only use it for technical Sitecore content help... but also incorporate other topics that are relevant to content contributors in your organization:

  1. Corporate brand guidelines,
  2. Copy writing style guide,
  3. SEO practices,
  4. Web marketing standards (i.e. URL conventions, content profiling, campaigns and goals, personalization rules, and more).
  5. Incorporate videos, screencasts, links to deeper documentation like Sitecore's cookbooks and more. 

What Else Can It Do?

Check out the features and benefits of Help Center for Sitecore. We hope you like it as much as we do! We'd be happy to schedule a demo as well.

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