Celebrating 10 Years of Shaping the Web

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February 09, 2012
Company News

This year, Roundedcube is celebrating its 10th anniversary! It’s hard to wrap my mind around that fact... it doesn’t seem that long ago we were a team of two in a 600 sq ft office suite. But here we are now, a full service digital agency collaborating with Fortune 500 clients around the country, with a staff seventeen Cubers strong and growing. It might be eighteen by the time I finish writing this.

We do want to thank all of our team members – employees, clients and partners – those that have been with us since the early days and those that we’ve just recently begun to work with. We plan to make all of 2012 a celebration, not just August 12th – our anniversary date.

To commemorate our ten years of success, in true ultra-competitive Roundedcube spirit, our Cubers will be participating in a “decathlon” of sorts that will culminate in August along with a company weekend get-away. We’ll post the events, photos and leader board in the coming weeks as we have our “Opening Ceremonies” this month. Yes, there will be gold, silver and bronze medals awarded at the end. We plan to share the fun with our clients and partners as well. More to come on all of this later. Thanks again to all who have been involved in our growth along the way!

*Updated February 24, 2012* Check out the pictures from all of our decathlon events in our Facebook Album.

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