Support Service is not "Just Fix It!"

Jim Manson Jim Manson
August 26, 2011
Web Development

As the manager of our newly formed Support Services department at Roundedcube, I was thinking about what “support” means to our clients. Sure we work on Sitecore, Elcom, Umbraco, .NET applications and the like, but many companies can do those things. In Support Services we also have many different types of clients; we specialize in warranty work on projects that we have completed (yes, Roundedcube provides a warranty on our work) to “ad hoc” time & material projects with our clients and retainer work.

But to me “support” goes beyond just fixing something. We want to build a partnership; to help our clients achieve more than just a fix for their site. Roundedcube wants to advise you of “Best Practices” for your site, suggest ways to improve the user experience and make it more meaningful as well as initiate an interactive dialog with our clients. In other words we want to be a true partner.

Roundedcube has designers, social media and SEO experts, and of course web developers well versed in the latest technologies so we can support your initiatives and ad campaigns as well as your day to day website operations. We can help you measure your efforts and successes with tools like Google Analytics and Sitecore DMS. We can help you with social media marketing because we understand with the importance of integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites too.

So the next time you need “support” to help you with your latest ideas or campaigns, that’s Roundedcube too! You don’t need to look elsewhere. The same people who fix your site can help you improve your site.

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