Key Nuggets from Online Marketing Summit 2011

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February 24, 2011
Digital Marketing

I had the pleasure of attending the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. Traveling to San Diego in February and leaving behind the below freezing temperatures in St. Louis was something I was more than looking forward to, as was staying on top of the latest marketing information and trends. I could write a blog post on each session I attended, however, rather than write a ton on specific topics, I will highlight the information that really struck a chord with me.

Email Marketing: Chris Brogan said, “Make one ask for every four emails.” The environment we are in is so focused on results that we often forget to remember the core elements to marketing and sales and we simply ask ask ask for information, clicks, sales, whatever it is we want. We forget to offer information for our consumers or clients. We need to remember they have subscribed to our email newsletter and we need to give them what they want more than asking for what we want.

Social Media: In this day of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and the like, people have access to communicate instantly, at any hour of the day. “Every customer is a reporter now,” said Jay Baer. Anyone can say anything about their experience with your company, brand or employees at anytime and we need to be prepared to respond faster, smarter and in a more social way. While this isn’t breaking news, the fact that people are listening and paying more attention to a customer’s story than a brand story is something to take note of. Your customers and clients will remember stories about people or from people not about brands or logos.

Mobile: This isn’t the year for mobile, this is the era for mobile. There was a great deal of discussion on mobile marketing, mobile apps, QR codes, and so forth. Everyone has a different opinion on which operating system is the best e.v.e.r., but everyone agreed that if you aren’t planning your mobile initiative you are going to lose the game and lose very quickly. Phrases like, “Mobile devices outsold PC’s for the first time ever in the fourth quarter of 2010.” and “15 second rule – Can they figure it out in 15 seconds? If not, you’ve lost them.” and “Remember: it’s a PHONE!” were heard time and time again.

SEO, SEM, UX, analytics, marketing and public relations, Facebook, Twitter, online trust and so much many more topics were also covered. But I get to keep that information to myself (and the other 1,000 attendees), frankly because I am still going through my notes and digesting the massive amount of information I learned. I really valued my time at the Online Marketing Summit and hope to return next year.

I will leave you with my favorite quote from the week from Jay Baer, “Some people may tell you social media is a unicorn … and it’s really just a horse.”

It’s not rocket science people. It’s marketing. It’s human relationships. That’s all.

Author: Alisa Thwing

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