CEP, DMS and More Sitecore Innovations at Dreamcore

Aaron Branson
April 25, 2011

Last week, we at Roundedcube again had the opportunity to visit Boston for this year’s annual Sitecore developer and partner conference – Dreamcore. Along with me were Benjamin Vidal, our VP of Technology and Phil Leara, Senior Web Engineer. The two days were jam-packed with technology previews, industry trends, and knowledge sharing on various business, marketing and development best practices. But what’s with the new acronyms? They’re a side-effect of Sitecore’s 6.5 release which once again accelerates the evolution of the WCM market.

Customer Engagement Platform – So it’s quite apparent that no one acronym can contain the capabilities of Sitecore. But maybe this is the one that we can stick for a while. Hey, I think I’m having déjà vu. As the WCM naturally evolves and grows in capabilities from just managing content to now e-commerce, email campaign management, analytics, personalization, and CRM connectivity and more, this newly defined market is going to be moving and changing at a quick pace. Just look at the other big players coming into the market from different angles – Adobe acquires Day Software and Salesforce seems to be ramping up their own CMS capabilities for a one-stop SaaS customer engagement platform. But I think Sitecore has a tremendous advantage with the fact that their core capabilities started in WCM – it’s the natural hub for enveloping these additional functions.


Digital Marketing System – With the advent of the “CEP” umbrella, the Sitecore product is logically separated into two functions – the WCM (web content management) and the DMS (digital marketing system). This DMS takes the current OMS (Online Marketing Suite) and from the sneak peek we got seemingly injects it with jet fuel. In respect of the fact that this capability is not yet officially released (coming in June 2011 with Sitecore 6.5), I’ll just say that I recommend getting your feet wet with OMS now so that you are better equipped to absorb the additional capabilities of the Digital Marketing System and hit the ground running. Some of the key additions are:

  • Engagement Analytics measures, visualizes and compares all initiatives and online campaigns, quickly showing their impact in creating awareness, engagement and quality prospects.
  • Engagement Automation orchestrates events across time and visits, enabling quick and automatic responses to the many touch points and requests.
  • Personalization and Experience Editor allows consistent content creation and auto-association with established personas. Editors have unprecedented control over testing of whole pages, specific text or any media items such as images and videos.

To learn more, check out the Customer Engagement Preview available or just contact us at Roundedcube and we can set up a demo for you!

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