Analytics: It's More Than Just Numbers

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June 23, 2011
Digital Marketing

web analyticsHow many visitors does your site get daily/weekly/monthly? I imagine this question being asked in the voice of a third grade bully on the playground.

However, it is a question that I hear all too often. Much like social media account follower and friend tallies, the number of visitors to your site is irrelevant in your approach to web analytics. While large followings and a large number of visitors can be beneficial, I always emphasize the quality of the visit rather than the quantity of visitors. The information that is important to me is: what are those visitors doing while on your site?

Do they visit one blog post and bounce? Do they spend time on the pages you want them to? What search terms are they using to get to your site? Are they coming from social media outlets or organic search or paid search or partner and client sites?

Better yet, do you have an analytics system that helps you identify visitor behavior on your site? And do you have someone using the data to enhance the user experience, your blog post editorial schedule, your contact us page?

What would you do if you saw that 100 people had visited your contact us page yesterday, but only 4 of those people filled out the connect form or sent you an email, and none of them called the phone number listed? Would you re-evaluate the information and actions available to the visitor on your contact us page?

What would you do if you discovered the most visited page on your web site was a page that was never intended to be a top destination for your visitors? Would you add a lead form to that page? Would you analyze the information on that page and offer your visitors more insight into that topic/product/service?

I know I’ve asked a lot of questions and posed several scenarios, and here are the last two: What are you analyzing on your site? (My answer: I enjoy analyzing specific user data from our organic search and paid search visitors.) And secondly …

Are you really leveraging your analytics the way you can and should?

Author: Alisa Thwing

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