Sitecore to Support MVC...What Do You Think?

Marco Tana Marco Tana
September 14, 2010

When I first saw that Sitecore is going to support the MVC architecture in a future release, I wasn’t sure exactly what that means. I have some experience with MVC. I know about ASP.NET’s implementation and also the S#arp Architecture that improves upon Microsoft’s version. To me, MVC architecture is great with applications. It allows me to separate (decouple) the various layers and actually make coding them a lot easier and focused. So I ask, is this a way for Sitecore to tell us to start building apps with the Sitecore framework as well?

I would really like to know up to what level the MVC support will be. Will there be technology preview? I would like to get a hand on an alpha release and see how it compares with the other architectures. I’d like to be able to play with it using ASP.NET MVC Web controls or other commercial libraries. Maybe Sitecore will just support it to allow those parts of a Website that requires more complex logic, that may be easier to implement with MVC, that are more code-heavy to implement. I don’t see it being used on a Website which is what a CMS is for. But, I do see it being used for an Intranet or even Sitecore applications.

I’ve seen some forum posts and inquiries about MVC within Sitecore. I’m not sure exactly what they are doing so I can’t speak for them. However, if you’re reading this and have done it, comment back or post a link to your blog that talks about it. I think there are tons of people wondering about how one decides on using MVC or just typical ASP.NET form-based approach.

If you have your own take on this….let us know.

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