Quick Dreamcore Shout Out

Marco Tana Marco Tana
April 26, 2010

I’d like to quickly thank everyone from Sitecore for putting up a great inaugural annual event, Dreamcore. You can ask Sitecore and they’ll tell you that I’ve been waiting for this. Even though it was only a couple of days, it was enough to get excited again about the prospect of Sitecore and the world of CMS.

Besides learning about the new stuff that Sitecore has in the pipeline, it was great to know where Michael, Bjarne and the rest of Sitecore gang think the market will be, the so-called “Digital Intimacy.” I don’t think we’ll be competing against match.com or eharmony.com anytime soon, but the idea of committing to your audience’s needs is key to engaging them. You can see this commitment from Sitecore initially with their release of OMS. Analytics nowadays seems to be just a buzzword, but in Sitecore world, it’s more than just giving you reports but it’s about tying things together from the multi-variant test results to actual contextual content delivery that matters to the visitor. It’s basically like eharmony’s “form of a thousand personality questions” and match you with "the right” person…sort of.

I’m amazed at the products presented in the conference. One would think that since this is a Sitecore show, it would just be about the CMS. Besides the improvements in the CMS (such as the OMS and other modules), there are renewed commitments to the Intranet and Foundry. There’s also the Ecommerce module that allows for simple online shopping; also, the Email Campaign Manager seemingly replaces the Newsletter module for more robust online campaigns. I think these are great products on top of Sitecore because they are turnkey solutions that would allow us to penetrate other markets.

Again, thanks Sitecore for the great show. I can’t wait for next years. By the way, thanks for the interview as well. You truly value your partners (we’ve been doing it for 5 years now) and customers.

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