2011 Social Media Resolutions

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December 21, 2010
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As 2010 comes to a close it’s only natural to reflect upon the past year and plan for the next 12 months. Many people will make resolutions to watch their diet, exercise more, pick up a new hobby and the like. What about resolutions for your professional life?

In the spirit of the resolution bandwagon, here are my social media resolutions for 2011:

  • I will simply be more active in the social media world. I often listen and read and observe but rarely comment publicly. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants to comment but doesn’t because I don’t personally know the author of the article, blog post or tweet. I can achieve the introduction I am looking for by just leaving a comment.
  • I will continue to strive for quality engagement with any followers, fans or friends rather than look to build up the quantity of those assets. Having 1,000 followers on Twitter doesn't mean anything to me unless we are having conversations and sharing ideas and thoughts. I will continue to believe that connecting with 100 meaningful followers or fans is abslutely more beneficial than 1,000 who don't want to engage. Contrary to some beliefs, social media is not a popularity contest.
  • Finally, I will attend more Social Media Club events, tweet ups, and social media nights hosted by various organizations. Engaging online is wonderful, but extending those relationships in real life can be even more beneficial.

Do you have any social media resolutions for 2011? Would you like to post more valuable information on your blog? Would you like to create an online community for your clients? What has been keeping you from attaining these goals? What is going to keep you on track to achieving them in 2011?

Author: Alisa Thwing

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