Global Supplier for the World's Energy Industry Launches New Website Developed on Sitecore by Roundedcube

Roundedcube Roundedcube
December 31, 2009
Company News

ST. LOUIS, MO - Tenaris is a leading global supplier of steel tubes and related services for the world's energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Recently, Roundedcube completed the development and public launch of Tenaris's corporate website - The website was completely redesigned and built on Sitecore CMS. The new structure features information about Tenaris's products organized by markets: OCTG, Offshore Line Pipe, Onshore Line Pipe, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power Generation, Industrial and Mechanical, and Automotive. It also includes a new section for investors with up-to-date market and financial information as well as a recently updated Careers section. Of particular note for the new website is the document repository which includes custom content filtering options.

The content model and architecture of the website was extremely important due to the immense amount of content and depth of navigation levels within the website. In addition to using Sitecore for content management, the website also includes the customization and integration of Coveo Advanced Enterprise Search. Roundedcube also made significant use of advanced JavaScript libraries for enhanced user experience and Flash for video and multimedia content.

To facilitate the launch of the new website and enhance search engine optimization (SEO), Roundedcube developed a 301 redirect management tool directly within Sitecore CMS to allow Tenaris the ability to specify URLs from the former website to be redirected to the new pages and indicate to search engines that the page has permanently moved to the new location. A .NET web app compliments the solution by allowing the initial massive number of redirects to be loaded automatically.

Roundedcube and Tenaris have taken a phased approach with plans to incorporate localization for their global operations and personalization features for their partners in 2010.

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