Roundedcube Develops New Site for Second Baptist Church

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April 30, 2009
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ST. LOUIS, MO - Roundedcube, Inc. has recently developed and launched a new, large, multimedia website for Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX, a multisite church with an average weekly attendance over 23,000. underwent a total redesign; the new look created by Origin Design, also located in Houston, TX. Roundedcube worked closely with both Second Baptist Church and Origin to develop the new site's design into a content management system. Roundedcube implemented Sitecore, a CMS of exceptional capacity, functionality and flexibility. Invented in 1999, Sitecore is now up to version 6, the same version deployed into production for Roundedcube is a Certified Solutions Partner of Sitecore and is one of their most reliable partners in North America, sporting one of the largest and most experienced teams of Sitecore Certified Developers.

The principal achievement of the project was integrating Origin's elegant design into an efficient content management system without sacrificing the integrity of the design and user experience and preserving the manageability of content. The result was a website with over 430 pages for five locations (each having their own theme, but similar structure), and three audience specific designs for children, students and adults.

The project had its challenges. One sizable challenge was integrating SlideShowPro, a Flash-based media player application used to present multimedia content - photo galleries, videos, and audio. Another challenge for Roundedcube and Second Baptist was the integration of Google's Mini Search Appliance (which brings Google-quality searching to individual websites), that required a high level of coordination between Roundedcube and Second Baptist Church's developers, to seamlessly merge the code developed by both teams. Roundedcube was up to the challenges and delivered a seamless and easy to use and manage website despite its size and sophisticated design.

To manage the site, the staff of Second Baptist Church needed to be trained on Sitecore 6. Roundedcube provided customized on-site Sitecore 6 CMS training necessary to effectively migrate content over and maintain the new website. Also, Roundedcube integrated the Sitecore LDAP Module, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, for the website's security eliminating the need for additional logins to access and manage the website.

Due to the coordinated effort of Roundedcube, Origin and the IT team at Second Baptist Church, the new website launched just before Easter and has been very well received by the members and visitors of Second Baptist Church.

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