Issue Management Application by Roundedcube Officially Released

Roundedcube Roundedcube
June 30, 2009
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ST. LOUIS, MO - Today Roundedcube, Inc. announced the official release of RC On-Track Issue Management 2009. The product was originally created for internal use by Roundedcube over three years ago to streamline the QA phase of client website development projects. Since then, the product has matured and grown into a powerful tool that can fit the needs of any organization needing to improve quality assurance or support processes. Still a vital tool to Roundedcube's clients, but now available commercially for purchase, RC On-Track Issue Management has an aggressive product roadmap with planned future releases to involve mobile application, widget add-ons, and potentially a SaaS (Software as a Service) model as well to compliment the current install edition.

RC On-Track Issue Management 2009 is a web application that allows organizations to easily and effectively manage and track issues, enhancement requests, changes to products or reported defects throughout their lifecycle from submission to resolution. Typically used for software development, web development or IT support, RC On-Track Issue Management can easily be used for other industries as well.

Some of the features included in the new release include:

  • Unlimited # of projects
  • Unlimited # of users
  • Multiple security roles
  • Customizable issue categories
  • File attachments
  • Notes and activity auditing
  • Multiple types of notifications
  • Improved performance

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