Can't Make it to Mix'09

Marco Tana Marco Tana
February 10, 2009
Digital Marketing , Web Strategy

I really like Mix because it combines both design and technology. That's essentially our business. I remember the days when companies tried to figure out who should manage their Web site. Actually some companies still struggles with this. It's amazing the way companies classified the Corporate (customer-facing) site as a Marketing department responsibility while the Intranet is by the IT department. Aren't both essentially a Web site?

Nowadays, it is clearer that Websites are a different type of corporate asset. We know corporate sites are more marketing heavy and Intranets are functional/integration heavy. Well, for most part. Now you see e-commerce and social community aren't those both? And those are the way of the future...the so-called Web 2.0 (actually Web 3.0 is around the corner...what could that be?). And to have a successful Web 2.0 site, you'll need both design and technology.

Here comes Mix. This year, Mix is in Las Vegas and I can't go (already on vacation). Their audience is both designers and developers. Now, that's a conference for the Web professionals (which are basically both of them...just different specialty). Then, you need to mix in the project managers and executives that help coordinate and direct them, respectively. At Roundedcube, we've understood this for a while now. We house all these roles so our clients (and hopefully you) can experience a "synergized" team that tends to make projects go smoother and more effective.

So why do I even mention Mix 09? It's because I think it's a great venue to see this synergy between the creatives and technologists. There's no more grey line. Both sides affect each other and you'll see this in Mix. Technologies such as Silverlight drives more powerful and imaginative user-experiences that designers need to know in order to apply them. While the technical folks need to keep up with the designers' creativity which pushes the technology. So, it's a win-win combination when Mix-ing is encouraged.

So, if you can get to Mix 09, go there (did I mention it's in the lavish world of The Venetian in Las Vegas). If you're looking for a team that culminated and established from this ideology, then come visit Roundedcube's Web site to find out more about us. Then, hopefully you'll contact us for potential projects.

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