Roundedcube Helps Microsoft Bring Online Technology Community to Life

Roundedcube Roundedcube
October 28, 2008
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ST. LOUIS, MO - Along with partner Adfero Group, Roundedcube implemented the new by integrating the Sitecore CMS, Telligent's Community Server, and a custom-built XAML reporting tool accessible directly within the Sitecore CMS interface.

Voices for Innovation (VFI) is a network of tech professionals, business leaders, and academics dedicated to supporting public policies that promote choice, innovation, and economic growth in the technology industry. The diverse VFI community works to educate leaders and elected officials about new technologies' positive impact on the global economy-boosting productivity, generating jobs, and empowering businesses. And VFI supports public policies that foster innovation. To translate this sense of community to its website, VFI needed a revamped Content Management System to smoothly integrate Community Server. Their content management software was Sitecore.

Invented in 1999, Sitecore is a CMS of exceptional capacity, functionality, and flexibility. Since Roundedcube, Inc. is a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner and one of the largest in North America, they were chosen to integrate Microsoft's Community Server into, which required a fresh Sitecore instance to facilitate a clean framework and their new design. Integration was a multi-step process including a design/UI analysis, security development, search development, CS customization, localization, migration tools, and even translated content.

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