Content Management is the New Standard

Jeremy Pratte
March 25, 2008
Web Strategy

Content, not monolith corporate marketing fluff pieces, is fast becoming the most important aspect of websites to users. They want their content, and they want it NOW. The approach to the Web these days, which some term "Web 2.0," is iterative (content always changing). All webpages should be a living document, always live content-wise. So this makes Content Management even more crucial.

It is important for any website to have at least some management of content (usually by the client) and that management should be relatively easy. Sitecore offers a great CMS, that, while it has a bit of a learning curve, has worked well for our clients. And we're considered the "Sitecore S.W.A.T. Team", as we are often the company Sitecore sends users to who are having trouble with implementation. We are a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner and have one of the largest Sitecore development teams in North America.

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