Roundedcube Announces New Homes Both On and Off the Web

Roundedcube Roundedcube
November 20, 2007
Company News

ST. LOUIS, MO - The St. Louis-based web design and development company Roundedcube, Inc. is proudly announcing the December 14, 2007 launch date for their brand new, redesigned home on the web. The new will sport many improvements and new features along with a progressive design to showcase the team's talent as well as better explain Roundedcube's capabilities in light of the many changes since the previous redesign.

Roundedcube has been known as one of the St. Louis area's forefront website and web application developers, being one of North America's most reliable Sitecore Certified Solutions Partners - an exceptional Content Management System - and a Microsoft Certified Partner as well. But sometimes overlooked is the firm's ability to produce impressive site designs as well which was one of the motivating factors behind the design of the new site, which is integrating Flash content into Sitecore 5.3.1. All of this together should reinforce Roundedcube's effort to live up to the daily goal of "shaping the web."

But it's not only the website that will be getting an update. Roundedcube's entire brand personality will also evolve with the website to ensure cohesiveness and clarity of their message: a promise to be not only an exceptional web technology solutions provider to companies of all sizes but also a superior agency of web marketing and graphic design which makes Roundedcube a total, end-to-end web services company.

The new Roundedcube website, while having a dynamic new look, will display their latest technologies and service offerings like Single Sign On tools, Issue Management Software, Sitecore strategy and implementation, Ajax, XAML, and Google Enterprise Search. Roundedcube also wants the new site to be an important foundation for future tools and include personalized features for clients. Along with new case studies and best practice whitepapers, it will include a special feature showcasing their team's most recent success and growth.

But the new will not be the company's only new home. They also are in the beginning stages of moving into a new building in St. Louis's Westport business area to better accommodate their astonishing rate of growth, which should be complete in mid-2008. The new building will offer all Roundedcube team members a more efficient work environment while also boasting excellent training facilities for use by employees, partners and clients.

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